The rise of laser-markable masterbatches: A compelling labelling solution


From consumer goods to car parts, plastic products across segments need to be labeled for a variety of reasons. From branding to critical safety information, effective labeling of plastics ensures clarity and consumer trust.

Arising from the necessity for clear and efficient labeling, laser-markable masterbatches have emerged as a game-changing technology. Laser marking offers significant advantages over conventional labeling methods, including:

  • High-quality marks: Laser marks created with these masterbatches are sharp, clear and permanent, with resistance to fading, scratching and chemicals.
  • Versatility: Laser-markable masterbatches can be used on a wide variety of plastics, including dark-colored plastics.
  • Speed: Laser marking provides a faster application with a high degree of customization, making it ideal for product identification, tracking and decoration.
  • Protection against counterfeiting: Laser marking is permanent, making it difficult to replicate intricate logos and codes. Thus, tampering with authentic goods becomes almost impossible.
  • Environmentally friendly: Laser marking does not generate any harmful fumes or waste products.

What we offer

Esseti Plast by Ascend specializes in masterbatch technology, developing products in a variety of colors and additives, and delivering to customers in industries such as packaging, electricals and electronics, engineering goods and more.

Our laser-markable masterbatches enable a wide range of functionalities, including UV protection, antioxidant properties, and flame retardancy. They adhere to the highest levels of quality and performance, and aid in sustainability goals.

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At our Mozzate, Italy production and R&D facility, we manufacture a comprehensive range of masterbatches. Our variety of options include:

  • Color for engineering plastics
  • Masterbatches based on polyamides carriers, with excellent dispersion
  • Black Nigrosine
  • Pre-dispersed masterbatches
  • Carbon Black
  • Combination batches