Three Keys to Selecting The Perfect Material for Electrical & Electronic Components

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There are always multiple elements critical to the selection of a material for an application. When designing electrical and electronic components, the top three are safety, sustainability and design freedom. At Ascend Performance Materials, we created our Starflam portfolio to meet these challenges and more.  


1. Safety 

Starflam X-Protect is an industry-leading flame-retardant nylon 66 that withstands exposure to 1,100°C direct flame for 15 minutes. It surpassed standard flame-retardant materials and aluminium in accordance with SAE AS5127, a test originally designed for aerospace applications. X-Protect products are colorable and can be molded with conventional techniques, making them ideal for industrial power management, electric vehicles and applications requiring laser welding and lead-free soldering. See for yourself – watch X-Protect in action. 


In addition, our unreinforced Starflam grades excel in terminal blocks and connectors requiring high flow, high operation temperature, thin walls, complex geometry, elongation and long-term heat stability.    

In appliances and electronics that operate unattended in homes, safety is critical. The Starflam portfolio includes best-in-class materials for flammability protection and glow wire performance, meeting multiple UL, IEC and other global safety standards.  


2. Sustainability 

Sustainability is a pilar of our long-term strategy and a principal focus in everything we do. We are accelerating our use of renewable energy in our operations, offering options in our products to achieve carbon neutrality, and developing new products for clean energy and electric vehicles. Starflam PA66 offers a density advantage versus other engineering materials, allowing thinner walls, lower part-volume cost and lower material usage.


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  • ReDefyne certified pre- and post-consumer recycled high-performance polyamides
  • Bioserve bio-based materials from renewable resources
  • Solar applications from cable ties to connectors
  • Non-Hal FR products for appliances and EVs
  • Fast processing materials for energy efficiency
  • Cleaner processing for reduced waste and cleaning frequency
  • Low off-gassing
  • Low corrosion 

3. Design freedom 

Even the perfect material still requires expertise to achieve the best design, and we’re ready to help. Ascend offers innovative solutions, computer-aided engineering (CAE) and design support. Our technical team is always ready to assist with troubleshooting and design advice. We have production and testing facilities around the world, including centers of excellence for product development in all regions and our new, state-of-the-art Ascend Asia Innovation Center


We offer much more than just the broadest portfolio of Flame Retardant PA66 materials on the market.  Best-in-class products are the results of tireless efforts from best-in-class technical experts.  You can count on Ascend to bring innovative materials, global application development and exceptional technical service.