We’re helping make EVs safe, reliable and secure

The first electric car was developed nearly 200 years ago, in 1832. By 1900, electric cars held over 30% market share. Then came the Ford Model T in 1908 and the world was hooked on the combustion engine.  

Internal combustion engine vehicles have over a century of engineering and innovation behind them. They’re what we think of when we think “car”. We’ve learned to rely on them for our daily commutes, road trips and leisurely weekend joy rides.  

But that’s changing.  

Humanity has never had more options to travel from point A to point B than we do today. And increasingly, those options are powered by electricity.  

After more than a century of essentially 0% market share, today electric cars are gaining ground. While EV market share is less than 5% globally, it’s growing faster than automobile sales as a whole. That’s largely due to the material advances that have made EVs not just alternatives to internal combustion engine cars, but have pushed our expectations for mobility forward.  

At Ascend, we’re focused on helping electric automakers bring their innovations to market with our e-range solutions. 

erange logos-01Our e-range offers established and startup automakers a blend of global, world-scale manufacturing and local technical application expertise using innovative materials solutions. Our e-range approach focuses on three critical areas:  

  • Safe power infrastructure to handle higher charging and driving voltages using our world-class Starflam® flame-retardant products. 
  • Reliable thermal management to handle the unique heat challenges in EVs using our hydrolysis-resistant and HiDura™ materials.  
  • Secure and comfortable ride with our Vydyne® AVS grades that offer structural support while reducing noise, vibration and harshness.  

And our materials not only help in these critical areas, but also help improve range performance by reducing weight without compromising reliability.  

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